Compliance Documentation

Our HR consultancy services provide focused and managed solutions to support a wide range business of issues.

Contracts of employment - development and implentation

Constructing terms and conditions of employment to reflect business operations and current legislation to ensure clarity of rights and obligations for all parties.  The right terms and conditions will allow your business to operate flexibly and act responsively to business changes and customer demands.

Policy and procedure - reviews, updates or development

Our policy and procedure service ensures that company policies and procedures are up to date and reflect company rules, operations, and HR best practice.

Audit of employment compliance and practices

We can carry out a thorough review of employment practices within your business or organisation. We will identify any areas of risk and highlight areas for improvement supported by detailed action plans and recommendations.

Staff handbook - reviews and development

We can help you bring your staff handbook up to date and make sure that it reflects best practice requirements. We will ensure your company information, rules, and procedures are communicated in a clear and user-friendly format. If you don’t have a staff handbook, we will work with you to develop a version that suits your business needs.

Preparation of bespoke HR correspondence and documentation

We recognise that each business is different, so we don’t take a “one size fits all approach.” We can create bespoke solutions for your business or organisation to ensure compliance in all of your employee communications.

Customer Feedback

We work with a wide range of business across the North East, to provide practical services and honest advice on employment law and people management issues. Here is what some of our clients have to say about working with us.

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